Lesson Learned

Damn.  I’m tempted (and hesitant) to look at my posts from 4 years ago. A COMPLETELY different person now.  

Nonetheless, cheers to my 4 years of self reflection… or more like 2 years since I’ve been really inactive. 


In book stores today

This is too accurate.

Haven’t heard from Chuck in ages.  I know Sir Michael was doing his thing with the tapes, but it’s nice to hear from the beatmaker and other half of The Cool Kids. 

This song came out a few months ago, but just discovered it this week.  Dope stuff. 



Realizing you’ll never have homework again: image But then getting a job:


So true

Tyler Durden - Our Great Depression

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Speed-reading apps: A time-saving solution for the modern world?
New apps promise a rate of 1,000 words a minute; at that rate, you could read a novel in 90 minutes. (Assuming you wanted to, of course.)

Coming Summer 2014